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We are dedicated to the celebration and commemoration of all things baby. From the moment you learned you were expecting a new life to join your family, your life changed forever. From that very first breath, the first touch of the tiny fingers, and the first cry, your heart is stolen. A newborn baby depends on you for everything, and it can be hard to step back from the intensity of those needs to take the time to savor the unique being that has come into your life. By the time you catch your breath. weeks or even months may have passed. With newborn photography, we help you slow down for a few hours, take a breath and take time to capture the fleeting details of the first weeks of life. When you flip through your album or pause to examine the delicate curl of your baby’s ear in a wall portrait, the sweetness will come back, whether your baby is two months, a year, or graduating from high school.

Every stage in your baby’s life is new and every week, sometimes every hour is different, so we also offer photography sessions to capture several points throughout that incredible first year. When your baby starts to lift his head and smile, your world changes. When she begins to sit up, clap her hands and babble, your world changes again. And then when he starts clinging to the furniture, creeping around the room, your baby is becoming independent. We offer milestone sessions to explore and capture all of these moments as well. And at one year, we offer a celebration session, because you’ve both made it around the sun together and that’s amazing and worth celebrating in a way that your child will be able to look back on for the rest of her life.

Our studio maternity photography sessions can celebrate your body, the love between you and your partner, and welcome your new baby into your family even before he or she arrives. Whether you just want a handful of bump pictures to remember the time by, or you want a complete pregnancy portrait experience, we can help you out with a session to meet your needs!

We believe in making memories last through our photography and the products we offer. We would be honored if you chose us to help make your memories last.

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Award-winning Newborn Photographer in Seattle

A photographer for life, Heather Glude's passion for newborn photography was born alongside her own newborn son in the exhaustion and love of the first frenetic weeks of life, when all plans went awry and opportunities to capture tiny toes were missed and life changed forever. Now, she is dedicated to capturing those special first moments for other parents, blessed to relive the memories of the first days of his life every time she gets to see a tiny infant embraced in its mother's arms.