Good to Meet You

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” 

— Aaron Siskind

Your baby is a precious flower that will never fade, but it will grow and blossom and change so quickly it will take your breath away. Our professional studio portraits are a way to celebrate that blooming life and freeze each stage for a lifetime. Images of your little ones hanging on your living room wall, another image of you and your partner embracing your child hanging in their room, or an album proudly displayed on your coffee table are beautiful ways to celebrate that legacy and show your enduring love. Each time your child looks at them, they will feel your love, and each time you look at them you will remember those tiny sighs, the little hiccups, the infectious giggles and every moment in between. When beautiful images are designed and coordinated with your home, your family becomes the art that fills your home with love.  These images are an investment in those future memories, and their value will only grow with every week and year that passes.

Seattle newborn photographer Heather Glude has been a photographer for life as the daughter of two photographers. Given her first camera at the age of 8, she graduated to a fully manual film camera by 12. Her art focused on finding things we miss because we're too busy or distracted to stop and look, often in the natural world, but also in urban and industrial environments. 

Her passion for newborn photography was born alongside her son in the exhaustion and love of the first frenetic weeks of life, when all plans went awry and opportunities to capture tiny toes were missed and life changed forever. Now, she is dedicated to capturing those first moments for other parents, blessed to relive the memories of the first days of his life every time she gets to see a tiny infant embraced in its mother's arms.

Heather has lived in the Seattle area for over 30 years, but was born and partially raised in Alaska. With such a combination of roots, it was inevitable that she would be drawn to the outdoors. She spends much of her free time hiking and cross-country skiing with her son, when she's not gardening or working on home improvement projects. The camera goes along on all those trips as well, as nature and landscape photography was her first photographic passion.

Since beginning to work with newborns, Heather has won multiple awards for her work, and earned certification as a Qualified Newborn Photographer with the Association of Professional Newborn Photographers International.

Our Name

The amaranth has been a symbol of immortality since the times of ancient Greece, literally meaning 'one that does not wither' or 'the unfading flower.' While each of our moments is fleeting, photography is a way to capture those moments to preserve the memory of this time in your life. While once she's grown, you may never be able to snuggle your tiny babe in the curve of your arms again, looking back at the images of her is a way of giving that tiny self of hers immortality. 

You can read more about the name in our brief blog post.

Our Studio

Our space in the Greenwood Neighborhood is dedicated to the needs of new parents and babies, with changing table, diapers, nursing pillow and refrigerator for bottled milk or formula. We do everything we can to make your visit as comfortable as possible, and it's not uncommon for a tired parent to doze off during a newborn session! We have a generous collection of props, accessories and wraps, so it's not necessary for you to bring any items of your own, although we are happy to incorporate sentimental items into your session when possible.

We provide snacks, water and tea to keep you fed and hydrated while we work with your baby, and keep a stock of emergency supplies, so if you run out without diapers, wipes or other essentials, we have you taken care of. All you need to do is get to us!

We also carry a small selection of products for babies and new mothers in the hopes of saving you another errand when life is so busy and complicated. We are proud to carry Earth Mama Angel Baby products and are always on the lookout for other essentials to add.

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