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Milestone Baby Photography

Milestone Baby Photography

We don’t stop at newborn baby photography! We keep going with milestone sessions, individually or through our Butterfly Baby Plan.

That tiny infant, who can’t focus her eyes or move his hand with intention will soon be smiling at you, holding her head up, pushing up on her hands, sitting, crawling, standing and eventually running. We offer three milestone sessions that we believe capture the most significant of these milestones.

What to Expect

Like the newborn sessions, the journey begins with a complimentary consultation at our studio to discuss your goals for the session. You and your partner have the opportunity to touch and feel the products we offer, and learn more about what to expect during the session. If you are participating in the Butterfly Baby Plan, we’ll talk about the legacy art products available only to Butterfly Baby Plan members. We will begin to build a plan to create lasting works of art that will fit in with the style and decor of your home and reflect the individuality of your family. Whether you want a giant framed canvas of your family to hang over your sofa, or a small triptych of tiny fingers, toes and ears for the nursery, or an album to look through with your child in the future, we have something to suit your needs. This consultation will ensure that you get everything you expect from the session. After the consultation, you may join the baby plan or book an individual session.

Although our sessions are focused on the baby, we encourage a couple of photos of the parent(s) with the baby. It is so important for children to be able to look back at themselves in the loving arms of their parents. Why not have those photos be professional portraits where you both look amazing? We guarantee a final selection of at least 25 images in all our Signature Milestone Portrait Sessions. Frequently we are able to deliver many more!

After the session we will select the best images from the session and give all of them a light edit. Within two weeks, we will schedule a viewing and ordering consultation with you to present the images from your session. During the consultation, we will discuss final edits and crops, how to best display the images and any custom products you may desire. Once you’ve completed your order, we will complete the edits of your selected images and order your products. Digital images are typically delivered within three weeks, while physical product delivery times will vary by product.

Read below for information on each type of Milestone Session we offer. The descriptions are for our Signature Sessions. The Petite Sessions are shorter and include fewer setups.

Heads Up


When you first start tummy time, it will seem like your little darling will never figure out how to hold up his head. He’ll complain loudly with his nose in the mat. After a moment, you’ll give in and roll him over. Every time he practices, he gets a little stronger. Soon he will be lifting his head for minutes, and then supporting himself on his arms. Then it’s time for his first baby photography session! This usually happens between 3 and 5 months old.

This session is about 15-20 minutes of photography, but we allow for a full 90 minutes in order to make sure there’s plenty of time for comforting and feeding and we can capture all the best expressions. Your baby is still very young, gets tired quickly and still needs to eat frequently. We usually go for a couple setups and a couple of positions – on his back and on his tummy.


Sitting Pretty

At first your baby will face plant the moment you put her on her tush. Then she’ll quickly slump forward as she tires or keel over as soon as she forgets she’s sitting up. When she can sit unassisted for at least a couple of minutes, it’s time for the sitting pretty session. For some babies, this happens at 5 months, others closer to 7 or even 8. For this session, we need your baby to be able to sit up without worrying she’ll face-plant at any moment.

By now your baby has a little more patience, so we can usually spend a little more time taking photos between breaks, so the overall session is often shorter, but we still allow 90 minutes just in case your little one needs more time to warm up and be herself. We attempt a couple of setups and a few positions – sitting up on her own, on her tummy and on her back (if she’s not too quick to roll over).

Standing Tall

From wobbly forays to painful tumbles, learning to stand seems to delight babies when it doesn’t result in tears. Each success results in such a proud grin, as his delight in his own ability shines through his expression. When he is able to stand comfortably while holding onto a fixed object, he’s ready for the standing tall portrait session. This typically happens between 8 and 10 months.

While your baby has more patience and stamina, at this age, many babies are experiencing separation anxiety. It can take time to get him comfortable with the environment. Like with our other Signature Milestone Sessions, we allow a full hour just to make sure there’s plenty of time to capture all the images you deserve.


Butterfly Baby Plan

To mark every milestone, we offer the Butterfly Baby Plan, which covers all three Milestone Portrait Sessions. The Signature edition includes a complimentary 1-Year Celebration session as well! Butterfly Baby Plan members have access to unique legacy art products and incentives. These products mark the changes in your baby and culminate in a finished product after the last session. Butterfly Babies truly become part of the Amaranth Images family. We love to watch them grow and become independent little beings!


1-Year Celebration

Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, getting through the first year is something to celebrate. Your tiny, helpless baby is a unique individual with personality, preferences and style. To celebrate that success, we offer a special session that incorporates a cake smash or finger-painting session and a cleanup splash afterwards. This session can take 90-120 minutes. We allow time for a toddler who may be experiencing separation anxiety to get used to the environment and comfortable enough to be herself. If your baby has both food and skin sensitivities, give us a call and we may be able to brainstorm a special way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday.

For more information, visit our investmentabout or FAQ pages. To see more examples of our milestone photography work, visit our portfolio,

Petite Sessions

The Petite Session is focused on capturing just a few images of your baby as they grow. The session can include one parent and one outfit and last around 30 minutes, resulting in 10-15 final images for you to choose from. Petite sessions include all the same wonderful service as our regular sessions including consultation prior to the session and viewing and ordering consultation after the session. The same product selections are available for the petite sessions as well.

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