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Maternity Photography Sessions

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through amazing changes. Whether you love every moment of your pregnancy, or can’t wait to get your body back to yourself, taking a little time to celebrate and capture that time in your life creates a legacy for your children and memories for you.

What to Expect

Like our other sessions, the journey begins with a complimentary consultation at our studio to discuss your goals for the session. You and your partner have the opportunity to touch and feel the products we offer, and learn more about what to expect during the session. We will begin to build a plan to create lasting works of art that will fit in with the style and decor of your home and reflect the individuality of your family. Whether you want a giant framed canvas of your family to hang in your bedroom, or a small triptych of belly, hands and love for the nursery, or an album to look through with your child in the future, we have something to suit your needs. This consultation will ensure that you get everything you expect from the session. We’ll also discuss the different backdrops, outfits and styling and you can try on our gowns and decide what looks you’ll want, and the posing and any images that you particularly want. Some mothers choose a session all about them, others prefer to incorporate their partner and some their older children. We can accommodate toddlers in our signature sessions, but our petite sessions are usually too fast-paced for them to be comfortable enough for images.


There are so many ways you can portray your pregnancy, and many of our mamas-to-be like to mix things up a little and get two styles. Some like hip, bright colors and street clothes, others like soft light, pastels, lace and prettiness, while others prefer more dramatic images to celebrate the body, either in glamorous gowns, minimal lingerie or nothing at all. The style of your session can be anything you like.

After the session we will select the best images from the session and give all of them a light edit. Within two weeks, we will schedule a viewing and ordering consultation with you to present the images from your session. During the consultation, we will discuss final edits and crops, how to best display the images and any custom products you may desire. Once you’ve completed your order, we will complete the edits of your selected images and order your products. Digital images are typically delivered within three weeks, while physical product delivery times will vary by product.


For more information, visit our investmentabout or FAQ pages. To see more examples of our milestone photography work, visit our portfolio,

Petite Sessions

In our petite maternity sessions, we focus on capturing about 15 images of you and your baby bump in up to two styles/changes of attire. We welcome partners to be part of this, but the session is usually too quick for young toddlers to be comfortable and able to express themselves.

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