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Newborn Photography

We are all about newborn photography at Amaranth Images. We believe that newborn babies are the most precious little bundles on the planet. If you are looking for newborn photography, then chances are, you’re expecting a new baby in your family.

Newborn baby boy in Seattle Newborn Photography Studio

Whether for the first time or the fifth, you have embarked on a journey to parenthood. No matter your path, the journey so far has been full of hopes and fears, wonder and trepidation. The first time you hold your child in your arms, you will be changed forever. You will be mother or father to this newest, tiniest life. For a few moments, perhaps even an hour or two, everything will seem to stand still, focused on those first moments of life. Then time will rush back in, your life forever different. There will be moments where everything stands still again, as you hold your sleeping baby to your breast in the dark hours of the night, exhausted, but spellbound at the play of the moonlight on a tiny ear; but change is constant and the flow of time will so quickly snatch away the helpless infant and give you a baby who smiles, laughs, holds up her head, crawls, walks and talks.

By taking the time to capture these moments, they’re never truly gone. When you pause to look at the portrait on the wall, you’ll remember those frozen, timeless moments. You’ll tell your child their story as you show them their album – how tiny they once were, how their head fit in the palm of your hand, how fiercely you loved them from the moment they were born. We believe in creating memories that will last through your child’s lifetime and become heirlooms to be passed on to their own children.

Let us help you make time stand still forever.

When to Reserve

Newborn photography is an unpredictable field. Babies come when they come and few parents know the date of arrival for certain. Because of this, we accept a limited number of advance bookings for newborn photography sessions. This ensures we have enough time slots available for those babies, even if several come late and crowd in on several coming early. We accept bookings starting at 20 weeks, and the sooner the better after that to ensure we still have the availability for a reserved session. Prior to 20 weeks, you can be added to our waitlist to be notified when reservations open. If we fill up on advance reservations, another option is to join the waitlist and book once your baby arrives. We are often able to fit several more newborns into our calendar once they’ve arrived as we have a more accurate picture of which of our advance reservations will need to be accommodated which weeks. It’s never too late to ask!

Newborns are best photographed in the first two weeks of life, so we recommend planning ahead as much as possible. You don’t want to have to be researching photographers and trying to make decisions when you’re exhausted from lack of sleep. Our calendar is below and is updated weekly.

What to Expect

The journey begins with a complimentary consultation at our studio to discuss your goals for the session. You and your partner will have the opportunity to touch and feel the products we offer, and learn more about what to expect during the session. We will begin to build a plan to create lasting works of art that will fit in with the style and decor of your home and reflect the individuality of your family. Whether you want a giant framed canvas of your family to hang over your sofa, or a small triptych of tiny fingers, toes and ears for the nursery, or an album to look through with your child in the future, we have something to suit your needs. This consultation will ensure that you get everything you expect from the session. After the consultation, you may reserve a session based on your due date window by paying the session fee.

When your baby arrives, we ask you to let us know within three days so that we can keep our calendar clear and start planning for your session. Your session will take place at 10am,  because this is most commonly the time of day babies are at their most content. We strive to complete the session within two hours, but some babies need more feeding and soothing and we allow up to four hours to make sure we get all the beautiful photographs you expect.

After the session we will be hard at work selecting the best images from your session and giving all of them a light edit. Within two weeks, we will schedule a viewing and ordering consultation with you to present the images from your session and plan how to display them in your home. Once you’ve completed your order, we will complete the edits of your selected images and order your products. Digital images are typically delivered within three weeks, while physical product delivery times will vary by product.

For more information, visit our investment, about or FAQ pages. To see more examples of our newborn photography work, visit our portfolio,

Petite Sessions

The Petite Session is focused on capturing the newborn with family and their little details. It typically lasts up to 90 minutes and aims for at least one image with each parent, with both parents and with older sibling(s). We also aim to capture a few detail images and a couple of wrapped images for a total of approximately 10-15 images to choose from. Because of the length of this session, it is common for the newborn to be awake in all or most of the images. Petite sessions include all the same wonderful service as our regular sessions including consultation prior to the session and viewing and ordering consultation after the session. The same product selections are available for the petite sessions as well.

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