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Photos for Fosters

Photos for Foster Babies

Foster babies start life with upheaval, and uncertainly. Some are lucky enough to be placed with a family immediately who eventually adopts them, but others go to multiple homes, and the records of their early days are jumbled or lost.  To help make memories that can stay with them, we offer Photos for Fosters – a mini session focused just on the new baby designed to produce 5-7 images. We will order 2 mini-accordion albums for you – one for the baby to keep with them if they leave your care or to be sent to the birth family, and one for you to keep, and we provide the corresponding digital files in our social media digital offering.

Types of Images

We typically include a couple of detail images, a wrapped image, a close-up of baby’s face, and a couple of full-body images. Because one album is meant to go to the birth family, or stay with the baby when they move on, we don’t include images with the foster family in our Photos for Fosters sessions, but do offer discounted upgrade options for the signature session if you would like to purchase additional images.

Sharing Images

In order to protect their privacy, we never identify these babies as foster babies, but we give you all the same options for sneak peeks and blog features that our other clients receive. Baby images used in our publications about this program, including this post, are not of program participants.

Getting Started

If you expect to bring home a foster baby, or have recently brought one home, get in touch with us using our contact form and let us know you’re reaching out about this program.

If you are considering becoming a foster parent, you can read more about the process and find answers to your questions at DSHS.