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Sweet Baby Libby


Sweet Baby Libby

Arriving early, Libby quickly proved herself to be a fighter, thriving despite the challenges life had given her. When she came to see me, she was 23 days old and had been home from the NICU for a little over a week. She had already been to a Mariner’s game (sleeping through the whole thing), and gained over a pound!  She only cries when she needs something or is honey, and she was already smiling real smiles, responding to the world around her with joy. The most surprising thing for her family was realizing that all of the ‘stuff’ is superfluous. What a baby needs most is love. Everything else is just extras.


Libby has the most perfect little toes!

This is one of her sweet little smiles.

Look at those eyelashes! And another darling little smile!

Totally perfect little ear!


Heather Glude, Qualified Newborn Photographer, specializes in posed newborn sessions in her studio in Greenwood, Seattle. She also offers fine art maternity sessions and milestone sessions for your older babies.